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Spring 2019 newsletterMaking Tax Digital for VAT Facts & Fiction, VAT and Brexit, New VAT rules for building firms, Loan tax charges Winter 2018 newsletter Making Tax Digital For VAT, Entreprenneurs relief changes, self employed travel expenses, child benefit clawback

Limited Company Benefits

Hundreds of private limited companies are being formed every day. If you are thinking of starting a new business, or are currently in business as a sole trader or partnership, you really need to be thinking about whether to trade

Online Cloud Accounting

We are passionate about the modern breed of cloud and online accounting systems. Thankfully the days of being stuck with hard to use software, dinosaurs such as Sage Desktop are over. No longer do you have to cobble together clunky

Bookkeeping Basics

Many businesses spend hours on book-keeping but achieve little. Many other businesses “bury their heads in the sand” and simply don’t do anything at all! There is a legal requirement for all businesses and the self employed to keep complete

Start Up Planning

It is very tempting, when starting a new business, to think only about the day to day trading, and opt for the cheapest method of starting-up by opting for free-banking and avoiding the “perceived” expense of solicitors and accountants. A

Why you need a “chartered” accountant

Some unqualified or unregulated accountants or book-keepers offer their services despite not have passed exams, not having the right experience, not knowing the tax rules, not being up to date, and are sometimes dishonest.  After all, the term “accountant” isn’t protected in the UK –

Need An Accountant?

The question a lot of people ask is whether they need an accountant to do their book-keeping, accounts preparation and tax returns. Well, think about your car and what you’d do if the brakes were faulty:- (a) Would you repair

VT Free Book-Keeping Software Tutorial Videos

To help you get started with VT free book-keeping software, I’ve created some tutorial videos:-

Painful spreadsheets

It is not uncommon for a spreadsheet to be virtually useless to your accountant or tax inspector where the information is inaccurate or incomplete, or where it is simply too complex to be capable of producing simple, readable paper printouts.

Self Assessment Checklist

PERSONAL SELF ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST 16/17 Period Covered: 6th April 2016 to 5th April 2017 In order for us to prepare your personal tax return, please provide full details of all aspects of your personal financial affairs.  If in doubt whether