SEISS Grant #4 won’t be confirmed until Budget Day 3 March 2021

Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis has announced that he’s been told by The Treasury that details of the 4th Covid Self Employed Income Support Scheme grant will be announced on Budget Day 3 March 2021. This is expected to cover the three months of February, March and April. Until then, no one knows what eligibility criteria will be applied. It is widely hoped that it will be based on more recent information, such as the 19/20 tax returns, to finally help newly self employed people (some of the 3 million excluded from the first 3 SEISS payments) who typically started their businesses in 2019 (or even late 2018) and have been excluded either due to the 50:50 rule or because they had low (or no profit) due to start up costs. As I say, no one know whether there is hope for some of those excluded, nor even what years the payments will be based on, and unfortunately, it’s a long wait to find out for those struggling.