Virus Emails

We are aware that someone is currently sending out large numbers of emails containing viruses purporting to come from us.

Please be assured that these emails aren’t anything to do with us and our website and email systems havn’t been hacked.  They seem to be being sent randomly across the country so the senders appear to have used general email databases or have obtained email addresses from websites.

Apparently, there are several different types of virus emails being sent at the moment, purportedly from a large number of accountancy practices, seemingly to give them an image of respectability now that most email users are aware of the scams/viruses purported to come from banks and governmental agencies.

We echo the general advice that recipients of emails should check the authenticity of anything they receive which they’re not expecting.  Typical warning signs are:-

  1. Poor English spelling and grammar;
  2. References and amounts that you are don’t recognise;
  3. Inconsistent information, such as a different sender name in the body of the email compared with the subject/header;
  4. Inconsistent phone number, i.e. international number for a local firm

If you receive any kind of email from any organisation that you weren’t expecting, DON’T open any attachments or click on any web-links.  You should contact the sender using their contact details you usually use or via their official website.  Don’t use any contact details within the email itself as they may direct you to the fraudster.